Family solutions to combat today's threats to our security.

Master prevention and survival of acts-of-violence without getting out of a chair - FOR ALL AGES!

The Blue-U Defense Difference

Blue-U Defense is the national "thought-leader" in the design of personal, family, corporate, school, and organizations-of-faith security educational systems that truly work - for normal people! 

What makes us different is exactly that - WE ARE TRULY DIFFERENT! We are contrarian thinkers who have realized that everything we have been taught, and continue to be taught about personal and organizational security - IS WRONG, for many reasons. The result? We have to unlearn, and then relearn what TRUE security really means. 

Blue-U Defense is not only the leader in recognizing what is wrong with generally accepted and industry-standard solutions to preventing and surviving incidents-of-violence, we are the leaders in developing solutions that truly work for normal people - non-warriors, with no tactical experience or skills that have tainted their worldview to see everyone and everything as a threat (i.e. law enforcement, military, etc).

We train people to the highest levels of proficiency, not by telling them what to do (absolutes) like all other training systems and companies, rather by teaching them "how to do what must be done" - there is a significant difference in results between the two. We accomplish this by teaching our students how to think and make decisions based on the circumstances they are facing them at the time.

Our strength is establishing the mindset that security is a personal responsibility - instilling the desire to get better at security because you choose to, rather than because you are being forced to (as is the case with most employees and students who are faced with mandatory training). The results of training are considerably higher when it is chosen rather than forced. 

And then, once that desire is created, we give you the resources to turn it into a lifestyle.

Blue-U Defense is the national leader in solutions to keep you, your kids, your family, our schools, and businesses secure in little time and at minimal expense. 

Most importantly... our solutions and resources are applicable and usable BY ALL AGES!

About Violence Proof

Today's threats are unique, dangerous, and they are everywhere. No one, or place is immune.

Home, school, shopping, work, commute, church... the unthinkable can happen at any time, anywhere. The dangers inherent on social media, as well as crimes like jugging, human trafficking, needle-sticking, sliders, tracking devices, riots, assault, rape, and murder are all highly prevalent and all of us, from the youngest of children to the elderly, are vulnerable to each and every one of them. The question is: Can you, your kids, and family prevent victimization and survive if prevention efforts fails?

What is Violence Proof?

"Everything you need to prevent and survive today's threats and incidents-of-violence can be mastered by anyone, without ever getting out of a chair." - Terry L. Choate, Jr. - President of Blue-U Defense

It's everything you need to prepare yourself and your loved ones to prevent acts-of-violence and "win-and-go-home" when prevention fails - without ever getting out of a chair to do it! Learning content is delivered by today's most convenient and effective learning methods - short, powerful video lectures, ongoing short, powerful text messages, incident and scenario reviews and discussions, and a peer community that allows you to interact with other like-minded people and parents.

How to use Violence Proof to significantly enhance your security.

It starts with watching our short, powerful, 20 Minutes-to-Proficiency training videos on topics that are rarely taught but critical to true personal defense and security. These videos establish a necessary foundation of what true security is and what that actually means, which is typically lacking in other personal defense training. The real value of Violence Proof is in what follows: ongoing, short, powerful text messages and other resources that will keep you abreast of today's threats and enhance your skills in just a few short minutes a couple of times per week.

The foundation-building courses that come with Violence Proof membership:

  • The Foundation of True Security - The Mindset 
  • The Foundation of True Security - The Practical Aspects
  • Recognizing Signs of Violence and Practical De-escalation Skills
  • Drugs in the Family
  • The Secure Commute - Security while traveling to and from your destinations
  • The Secure Lone Worker - Security for those who work alone
  • True Security Beyond High School - Security for those transitioning from home into the world of work or higher education
  • Violence Proof "Never a Victim" Peer Networking and Learning Community
  • Stand Your Ground - The significant risks of carrying a firearm for personal defense.

This course list will continue to grow but don't worry - your membership will include access to all new courses and educational resources as they are created!

Develop violence prevention and survival skills, and gain proficiency - through ongoing, short, powerful text messages.

Today, time is short for everyone. Finding the time to train and educate yourself beyond what is required for school or your job, is challenging. Violence Proof addresses this challenge by providing extremely powerful learning in short, manageable foundation-building videos (20 minutes or less), followed by continuous education and learning through brief, powerful text messages. With Violence Proof you can become as close to an expert as is possible without even realizing you are doing it, and without ever getting out of a chair. 

As a parent, you have a responsibility to protect your kids and give them "life skills", starting at a very early age, that they will continue to build upon, pass on to their families, and have the absolute best chances of a Violence Proof life. 

Quality training will never offer absolute solutions, and must be designed for non-warriors and/or non-tactical professionals.

Quality training will never tell you what you should do under fabricated circumstances, in which not every single detail is known. Doing so can actually create more danger than if security was never discussed at all! The best training should assume that you are not a "warrior", nor do you have the desire, or ability, to become one, and... training should be easily and almost immediately "masterable" by anyone regardless of age, profession, or background. Violence Proof is thoughtfully designed with this critical understanding in mind.

True security requires new, "outside-the-box" thinking that starts with personal responsibility.

Contrary to what you have been conditioned to believe - no one, or thing, can keep you secure. Only YOU can keep YOU secure. Violence Proof gives you everything you need to secure yourself... to be able to make "good decisions in fractions of a second" when there is no one there to help you - except YOU.

"We are all dead!"

This is the typical answer that I get from a roomful of people when I ask them what the result would be if I were to, without warning, pull out a gun and start shooting - with the goal of killing as many people as possible. My response: "You are only all dead because that's exactly what you have been taught to be throughout your entire life! VICTIMS!"

FACT: WE ARE NOT VICTIMS...OR AT LEAST DON'T HAVE TO, OR SHOULDN'T BE. Violence Proof will clearly show you why we need to "untrain-and-retrain" ourselves out of this mentality, and into reality.

With Violence Proof, true security is "masterable" - without getting out of a chair!

That's right... and this includes fighting skills! Why? If you have to get out of a chair to learn how to fight it likely means you are being taught technique... and technique works great... in controlled environments where conditions are perfect and where your training partner is allowing it to work. Violence Proof gives you everything you need to master true security - without getting out of a chair!

Joining may be the best decision you'll ever make for yourself... and your kids!

"The two most unique and dangerous threats to the well-being of our kids are drugs and acts-of-violence." - Terry L. Choate, Jr. - President of Blue-U Defense

If you are a parent, home and family security is a critical responsibility.

"How seriously you, as a parent, take your own security will have a direct impact on how seriously you will take it for your kids. If you don't believe anything will ever happen to you, and do nothing to prepare yourself, you likely won't do enough to protect your kid's and give them what they need to prevent and survive incidents-of-violence." Terry L Choate, Jr. - President of Blue-U Defense

Your kids and family are the most precious things in your life. Giving them the life skills necessary to prevent and deal effectively with today's dangerous and unique threats is not only important, it's critical. On one hand you know it's critical education and you, and your kids and family need it. On the other hand you face the same problem most parents have in understanding how to effectively get this education to your kids without damaging or scarring them, because there are "age appropriateness" considerations.  

Violence Proof has been designed to provide parents (you) with all of the tools and resources necessary to begin to "develop thinkers" and provide your kids with the critical education required to establish true security. These are the "life skills" that they will take with them and use to their advantage for the rest of their lives.  

Recognizing the challenges with age-appropriate education, we have created multiple age-based categories so that you have the right resources for your kids - regardless of their age. 

The ability to be able to communicate directly with your peers!

Share thoughts, ideas, philosophies, and expertise with others who have an interest in "developing thinkers" and truly keeping their kids, families, and communities safe!

"Think" Together

"Learn" Together

"Teach" Together

"Talk Together"

What You'll Get For Your Investment

It's simple:

We want everything that is in our heads - in your head, and in your kids heads! Let's have the conversations that are so desperately needed to keep ourselves, our children, and our communities safe and secure! This resource is packed with information (delivered via short, powerful video, text messaging, articles, news, live broadcasts, and every other way we can think of and as frequently as we think of it) to develop the skills necessary in your children to achieve "true security" that you will not find anywhere else, let alone all in one location!

A single source for the resources that parents of children all ages need to develop the "life skills" of violence awareness, prevention, and survival in their children. It starts with YOU and Violence Proof gives you the resources for YOU as well as your kids and families. 

Here's the Best Part:

We will add new material to this resource on a regular basis, all year long, so that you have everything that you need to achieve the Violence Proof status!

Don't wait!

Remember, as long as nothing happens whatever you are doing, or not doing, now to keep yourself and your family secure is fine! If somethings happens, however, it's to late to turn back the consequences and wish that you had done something better or differently.

"It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." - Chinese Proverb

Give your kids the gift of a lifetime- "being secure".